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Gerhard Kummerfeldt Gerätebau GmbH is a medium-sized manufacturing company in the field of machining and non-cutting material processing.g.

About Gerhard Kummerfeldt Gerätebau GmbH

We are a certified welding company according to DIN 18800-7 "E" (advanced certificate) as well as the new standard EN 1090-1 EXC3.

The Gerätebau GmbH is a medium-sized manufacturing company, which originated in 1969 in the first company founded by Gerhard Kummerfeldt, Gerhard Kummerfeldt Feinmechanik.
The Value of reliability, precision, quality and on-time delivery counts today as much as it did in the past, and has led to a steady growth of the company over the years.
Expansion of the business and increasing space requirements asked for several moves into larger operating rooms, before in 1979, a separate, spacious new building in the Norderstedter business park Harkshörn was purchased.

In order to meet the growing demand for qualified staff and also to live up to our social responsibility, we train young people in the merchandising and commercial sector at our company. Today, Gerhard Kummerfeldt Gerätebau GmbH with its 35 highly qualified employees and modern equipped machinery is able to offer its customers a broad range of services in the following areas:

The DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality management system quarantees the quality of the manufactured parts, assemblies or complete Machines and tools. This paired with our experience and the constant effort to support our customer in all matters of manufacturing and assembly with advice and knowledge, has led to an excellent reputation of Gerhard Kummerfeldt Gerätebau GmbH, of which we are very proud.

Quality is not just an empty phrase for us, but the first principle since the founding of the company.

From receiving basic materials to final delivery, all operations are fully monitored. This ensures that the tolerances, material and surface quality of the workpieces specified by the customer are met
According to customer sketches individual parts, series, subassemblies, housings, racks etc. are produced in our modern production halls. Quality, efficiency and economy are guaranteed by our outstanding skilled workers and the wide veariety of our modern machinery. Below is a table listing some of our machines and manufacturing capabilities. Of course, we are also in a position to produce high quality workpieces for our customers with dimensions greater than the procedures listed here.

Das Gerhard Kummerfeldt Gerätebau Team stellt sich vor

Winfried Appel
Winfried AppelCEO
Nils Schröder
Nils SchröderCFO / authorised Officer
Jens Bohm
Jens BohmProduction Manager / authorised Officer
Thomas Wulff
Thomas WulffForeman
Sven Voss
Sven VossForeman
Sina Appel
Sina AppelPersonal Assistant

Our Services


We manufacture simple and complex individual parts, as well as turned and milled parts, which range from single components to small batches, on our state-of-the-art CNC lathes. If you provide us with a 3D model, the CNC programs will be created via a CAM system.


On our modern CNC machining centers, we manufacture simple and complex individual parts from single parts to small series. If you provide us with a 3D model, the CNC programs are created via a CAM system.


We’ve been a DIN-certified specialist welding company (DIN 11800-7 class D - advanced certificate) since 2004. In 2013 we extended our certification to DIN 18800-7 class E and introduced qualification for EN-1090-1 EXC 3.


Sheet Metal working

Welding, spot welding and stud welding as well as cutting, cutting, embossing, all sorts of drilling operations as well as deburring and rounding with a brush grinding machine are all part of our activities in conventional sheet metal processing.

Contract manufacturing includes prototyping and series production as well as assemblies and welded constructions according to technical drawings, sketches or samples.

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